What is an eSIM and how to use it?

After the disappearance of the jack on most smartphones, it is the turn of the SIM card to pay for this race to miniaturization. The phone manufacturers have developed a new standard called eSIM chip or non-removable SIM card. More compact and simpler, the eSIM is about to replace the traditional SIM card.


What does eSIM look like (eSIM wiki)?

Does the good old SIM card live in its last hours? Is it like the Walkman or the radio alarm clock joining the Pantheon of consumer goods? In any case, this is what most smartphone manufacturers are suggesting.

The traditional SIM card and its mini and nano versions are no longer popular with the giants of electronics. They prefer eSIM (Embedded SIM) or integrated SIM chip more versatile and easier to use.

What is eSIM

Unlike its grandfather, eSIM is not a physical but virtual map. The chip is directly soldered on the motherboard of the device (smartphone, connected watch etc …). No more need to drag or remove to benefit from the services of the mobile network of an operator.

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Benefits of eSIM

This new version of the SIM card could make people happy. I think especially of those who have taken the bad habit of misplacing the extraction tool of the SIM card drawer but also to people who regularly change mobile subscription.

With the eSIM no longer need to wait for a post office mail with the new card to enjoy his new subscription. The commissioning of the equipment takes only a few minutes and everything can be done online via the internet.

Finally last important point, welded eSIM cards have the advantage of being particularly thin. Manufacturers no longer need to integrate a drawer system to house the chip, we can imagine that smartphones will lose a few millimeters thick. This will also improve the sealing of the devices.

The integration of this new module into connected objects has many advantages. Multiple devices (tablet, watch, car) can access the internet from a single mobile subscription with a unique phone number. We can easily imagine the gain for multi-screen users.

Understand how eSIM works?

You understand that the eSIM is directly welded inside the device. Its operation is totally different from a classic SIM card and its famous toolbox . You will have no manipulation to make or even need to go to a shop to make a subscription change.

Activation of the virtual card is done directly from the internet. This allows to open or change line almost immediately. But rest assured the operation does not present any particular difficulty. This is a simple update.

Activate an eSIM card

When subscribing to your new subscription, the operator will send you a voucher. On the latter will appear a QR code containing all the information on your package. All you need to do is scan this code using your mobile camera.

Your smartphone or connected watch will then automatically download the data and activate your new profile. The installation requires only a few minutes. Once the operation is complete, you will immediately enjoy your package and all these services (phone calls, SMS, MMS, internet connection etc …).

Note that the QR code provided is for single use only. You will only be able to use it once on your device. Similarly during a visit to the service, you must not forget to delete the eSIM profile on your smartphone before giving it to one of the technicians.

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