What is Macros in Excel? Explained Here

If you use Excel frequently, it is possible that on some occasion you have found yourself executing the same series of actions over and over again. Those actions that you do repeatedly could be automated with a macro. Now you may be wondering that what is Macros in Excel?


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Here we explain that what is Macros in Excel. A macro is a set of commands that are stored in a special place in Excel so that they are always available when you need to execute them.

For example, if every morning you create a sales report and in that report you always give the same format to the texts, you could create a macro to do it automatically for you. The macros are primarily used to eliminate the need to repeat the steps of those tasks you perform over and over again.

what is macros in excel 2010

A programming language

The macros are written to a special computer language known as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This language allows access to virtually all Excel functionalities and thus also expand the functionality of the program.

What is Macros in Excel?

But do not worry if you are not a computer programmer, Excel provides a special tool that allows you to create a macro without knowing the details of the programming language.

Although if you accept the challenge and you enter the world of VBA programming, you will soon become an Excel Ninja. You will see that creating a Macro in Excel is not so complicated and it will be an easy and quick way to eliminate those repetitive tasks that take away precious minutes of your time every day.

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