Youtube Go – An India Exclusive Android App by Google

Youtube is one of the top application from Google and is a big hit around the world.There are millions of users in India surfing the Youtube app or website daily.


youtube goYoutube Go (Beta testing)

Recently Google has launched an India exclusive version of Youtube under name Youtube Go.
The new app is crisp and concise and have been designed taking into account that still many places in India lack high speed data connectivity.
This new app is still in beta mode and official release is yet pending. App weights only 8.5 mb to download hence is light weight on lower ends devices.

You can download the beta version and have a look and feel of the app from Google Play Store.

The new Youtube Go app consumes less data and is pre-configured to present the India specific content on the first go. There are trending videos as well from around the globe.

When you search any video, the results display quicker than normal Youtube app. Once you click on any video of your choice, you will have two options i.e. “Watch” and “Download”. So this means you can quickly download a video to your device and can watch it later in offline mode. The app emphasizes more on to download the videos for offline watching. Downloading speed is also good in this app, hence it could be useful for users who are unable to stay connected to the internet due to data problems.

The details section on Google Play Store has some lines written in Hindi (English alphabets but Hindi language) like a brand new app to download, enjoy and hare videos…bina data udae!, ab mazze udao, data nahi! give a funny tone to the app description.

Note that the Youtube Go is still in beta mode and has not been released to public, hence some bugs are expected.

Give a try to this India specific android app by Google and share your views.


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