Zive’s Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 is Now Available for Windows (famous Google mail app for mac)

Zive has just launched its much awaited app Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 for Windows. Previously it was available for Mac only as  google mail app for mac. With this the PC users are going to taste the unique features of the app where they will get rid of browser based system to a standalone dedicated app for all Gmail an G Suite apps.

From day of its launch people were demanding the Kiwi for Gmail on Windows & as per company CEO Eric Shashoua, “Windows users of Gmail and G Suite no longer have to settle for user experiences that do not deliver what’s possible through native applications.”

Kiwi for Gmail will help users enjoy the rich features of cloud based functionality of G Suite apps. By having a dedicated client i.e. it is already available as google mail app for mac, the users will feel more productive dependability on browser will end with this.

There are many productivity applications for G Suite and as per Google, there are around 3 million paid users which are using these apps. But one major problem in less popularity of the apps is that these apps are do not give feel of like using the MS Office applications. Even G Suite itself is based on browser. So the popularity of these apps is limited to less population. Kiwi for Gmail has found an opportunity in this and has developed this app as good as MS office apps. Now one can access Google’s Docs, Sheets, and Slides from a standalone application rather than a browser interface. So users will have an overall rich experience with Kiwi for Gmail while still having the best of G Suite.

G Suite is mostly used by the corporate companies and it should be too much user friendly and time saving as the employees are being paid enough for hours they spend on the office applications. This rely makes sense when people are used to the applications like MS Office and have resistance to browser based apps.

Companies can really get benefited from Kiwi for Gmail as this will support with multiple windows – giving multitask experience, and easy desktop integration. The interface is too sleek and user friendly that it is very snappy to open the G Suite apps or access Gmail. The Google Drive is already integrated inside. More over the app works with multiple accounts at the same time.

The app will be very useful for students and researchers as they are feeling delighted to have an app on their windows PC which will let them work by opening multiple windows. This way they are in a better position when it comes to analysis or simultaneous study.

Below are some of the cool features of Kiwi for Gmail 2.0:

  • Exclusive app for Gmail and replaces any other clients & the notifications are managed in a better way
  • Application can be paused for some time to get away from the system
  • All apps of G Suite like Docs, Sheets and Slides and Gmail can be opened within Kiwi for Gmail
  • There are individual icons to launch apps, no need to go to Gmail
  • Documents will open in their independent window which makes it convenient for multitasking
  • App works like MS Office and can open recent used files quickly & that too with multiple accounts
  • There is a dedicated toolbar on left hand side of the app which can be used to launch the G Suite apps quickly
  • You can save all open documents and files in one go and they will saved on respective locations and for respective accounts. The style, and size of window will be preserved as it is
  • One can set the Kiwi for Gmail as default application to open the G Suite apps from within the Gmail

In addition to the existing features that have turned Gmail into a powerful desktop email app:

  • The first desktop email application tailor-made for native Gmail
  • Use Gmail as the default email application on your entire computer
  • Separated from the browser
  • Significantly enhanced security with Zive Account Isolation™
  • Seamless multiple accounts
  • Multi-task, reply, view, draft emails in multiple windows
  • Right-click to share files, large files, or whole folders from the desktop
  • Global shortcuts to create a new calendar event or email without leaving the application you’re in
  • Integration of plugins like Boomerang, and others coming in the future
  • Important-only notifications – filter all Gmail notifications to cut noise
  • The Zen Switch™ – like Android’s and Mac’s “do not disturb” feature


The Zive’s Kiwi for Gmail application has been rated best when it comes to apps for G Suite by Mac users. The app has left behind other makers like AIrMail, Unibox and Go for Gmail over the time. Overall rating by Mac users for free and paid versions is around 4.5 out of 5 which makes it really outstanding google mail app for mac. It is worth noting that the app is still in development mode for offline access and we expect that this feature will be made available by end of this year. It is worth giving a try to Kiwi for Gmail 2.0. Here is the link to application www.kiwiforgmail.com.

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